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Water Curtain Double


  • Available in 1 ½” and 2 ½” sizes
  • Available in Single or Double
  • Available in Brass or Aluminum adaptors
  • H210D-A is with Aluminum adaptors
  • H210D-B is with Brass adaptors

The H210 Water Curtain is designed to quickly and easily establish a large water-wall to protect against heat, sparks, smoke, providing a safe area that fire fighters can use as a heat shield for personal protection while fighting fires. The H210 water curtain can also be used as an effective means to cool designated areas or items such as storage tanks. You have the option to run one or multiple inline at the same time allowing you to secure numerous locations and large areas all at the same time.

At a 100 PSI the 2 ½” Water Curtain flows 200 GPM

At a 100 PSI the 1 ½” Water Curtain flows 100 GPM

Due to draft from the fire, your water pattern(Height& Width) is determined by the proximity of the Water Curtain to the fire. Prevailing winds from other sources will affect your coverage as well.

The following water pattern was generated when tested 4 feet from the direct flame of a house fire

20 to 25 Feet High x 30 to 40 Feet Wide

The H210 Water Curtain is constructed from a Light Weight, High Tensile Aluminum.


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