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Fire Hose Hanger

* Full hose instantly available by a simple down· ward pull on the hose.
* Hose is stored close to walls or columns to minimize damage from mobile equipment.
* Few bends in hose, and bends are of large radius to prolong the life of the hose.
* Will accommodate lined and unlined hose from 1 inch to 21/2 inch size.
* Has low initial cost and is easy to install.
* Constructed of strong good-looking aluminum alloy castings for long trouble-free life.

For more information, see Accessories & Specialty Items.

Emergency Gas Shut Off Wrench

Emergency Gas Shut Off Wrench

* An excellent tool to keep handy for dealing with gas leaks, fire safety and other disasters or emergencies

* Made from a High Tensile Heat Treated Aluminum

For more information, see Wrenches.